Thinking a Test Case – Generic example

‘DataPush packet’ without ‘Assigned Locations’ is not exported
Normal behavior
Is not possible to export a DataPush packet without assign a ‘Location’
1, Follow the path (Setting/Location/Inventory/DataPush)
2, Press the ‘New’ button in the DataPush screen
3, Select the ‘General’ tab
4, Enter a description in the ‘Description’
5, Select the ‘Packet Content’ tab
6, Press the ‘Add’ button
7, Choose a date using the drop down list in the left superior corner into the ‘Item Type Of’ section.
Example: (Initial Set Up/All)
8, Select one ‘Item Type’ in an individual way or pressing the ‘Select All’ button (recommended)
9, Press the ‘Accept’ button
10, Select the ‘General’ tab
11, Press the ‘Export Packet’ button
<Expected results>
A, the DataPush packet is not delivered
B, a clear alert message pop up notifies that there are no locations defined

Main concept

Subject + Condition+ Event (Wanted / Unwanted)
Brief description indicating the current situation. (The behavior actually produced when the object is tested under specified conditions)
Specific sequence of activities to follow to reproduce de event
Expected results
Brief explicit description of the expected behavior after complete the Steps. (The behavior predicted by the specification of an object under specified conditions)


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