be eager to learn new things

* Be CURIOS and don’t asume anything and be eager to learn new things
* Be a pragmatic by doing the simplest thing that could possible work
* Be creative and break out the box thinking
* Try to apply and SHOW YOUR BEST practices in everyday work
* Organize daily work to get a better life
* Explain your decisions/solutions in a language that people with other background could easily understand
* Respect to the tester and learn a lot about testing to develop with a safety net
* Be skilled to transform requirements in user stories
* Softens your analytic skills and learn to be abstract and simplify complex scenarios
* Improve your intimate communications and try to be a  peer of your mates an the upper management also
* Technical consistency? you will never stop learning technical things, so learn to relax while learning
* Mindset and a positive spirit are more important than full skills and knowledge on a specific technology
* Software engineering “mindset”1 % (leave 99% for those unlogical situations)
*  Be able to detect a domain knowledge about the environment in which the target system operates
* Be smart to detect the key concepts behind a technology and not to be in love with any technology
* Keep the big picture


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