Best Practices to keep in mind for Android UI

Top 10 best practices for developing user interfaces for Android applications

I was wondering which items a tester should consider to test User Interface in devices develop with Android, and found this article with interesting suggestions from Motorola’s practices  than come up from different places and Google mainly. I think that the approach is good because the it’s focused in the user’s experience and the very high-quality that this technology let incorporate in app.

1 Read the UI guidelines
2 Understand and design for touch mode
3 But, support multiple interaction modes4 Use notifications and the window shade5 Support interaction between applications6 Keep your UI fast and responsive7 Use widgets and live folders8 Handle screen orientation changes9 Use images wisely10 Use layouts that adapt to multiple devices

vía MOTODEV > Documentation & Tools > Android Technical Library > Best Practices for User Interfaces.